Justinas Jarutis – Anymore (lyrics)

My back is crippled and so are we
You hit me hard baby, you make me bleed
You lost my trust, I skipped a beat
So don’t call me when you need me

You see my picture on a feed – I hear you call my name
So I keep my story empty – ‘cause I don’t need your pain
The moment’s gone away, it’s like we never met
Don’t call me when you’ll need me

I’m not yours anymore (x4)

I saw you kiss her, said it was nothing
My heart is bleeding, but you can’t stop it
I feel so distant – from you from us
Don’t call me when you need me

Looking for love in clubs but Mondays they’re closed
You drink the pain away try not to be exposed
You need some rest but you don’t listen to my words
Don’t call me when you’ll need me

You give me love
Give me peace
Then let me go
I’m suffering

I’m not yours anymore (x4)

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