Deeper Upper – Tolyn (dainos žodžiai ir audio)

Vilniečių grupė Deeper Upper pristato naujausią savo kūrinį – Tolyn.

Dainos žodžiai

Stuck in time
Waiting for a sign

In the crowd
Late at night

I lay my eyes
On smoky halls

Pick myself
Up from the floor

Tolyn, tolyn

Shine so bright
The king of the night

Waves of sound
Start shaking the ground

Tolyn, tolyn

Hold on tight
Carried away by light

I’m feeling alive
I don’t wanna leave this ride

Always in endless motion
Until the end of time
I feel like I am floating
Until the end of time

Tolyn, tolyn

Stuck in time
Hello, my friends

It’s still tonight
And tonight never ends

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