Ieva Zasimauskaite – Absorbed

Ieva Zasimauskaitė pristato naują anglišką dainą – Absorbed. Dainos žodžius sukūrė pati atlikėja. Žemiau rasite dainos audio bei žodžius (lyrics).

Absorbed dainos žodžiai, lyrics

I never felt like this before
I never felt so dead before
My thoughts are absorbed by you
I wanna be there.. Where are you?

My mind is floating to a river bank
I wanna stop this , God, what I did wrong?

I cannot do anything
Think anything
Just about you…
Your Love has been there for me
But what did I do wrong
Why have you left me

I told you we had met before
You told me that you didn’t know
Where that light was coming from
You know I still feel .. what we felt there…

Pre chorus:
I wanna run to you
I wanna be next to you
Running running running
I wanna be next you
I wanna hold you

My thoughts are absorbed by you
I wanna be there where are you..

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